Wood in contact with wood in a home inspection in Bothell

There should be a membrane between the wood and concrete.  Not a reason to get out of buying a house but an indi

Insulation in Attic during home inspection in Seattle

This is a good level of insulation and a great low tech way to keep track of the level.  Over time the loose fil

Popped seal window on an inspected house in Seattle

Popped seal window - Having a seal on a window pop is a common happening. Win

Retaining wall repair at a house inspection in Redmond

This is a good repair for these types of walls and will certainly last a lifetime with no maintenance.  The stra

Key in Door at a house inspection in Kirkland

And you thought you were having a bad day.  The house inspection team has all sorts of help ready and we know wh

Outside electrical on a house inspection in Woodinville

I understand we are part of the connected age and all, but there has to be a better solution.  Certianly one mor

Roof repair on a house inspection in Bothell

Some repairs stand out more than others.  This is an obvious repair of the roof, which is ok.  The goal is

retaining wall failure on inspected house in Seattle

This wall has failed it needs a good repair. Easy with the right tools, some decoritve iron straps could add a nice t