Working with FEMA to offer my house inspection services: Getting on board Pt. 1

Hello, I am Aaron. I work for myself as a home inspector and a residential locksmith. Back in September two major hurricanes hit the US. When this happened my cousin sent me a link on Facebook stating there was a company looking to hire inspectors for the disasters. When I tried followed the link it was already taken down and no longer active, more fake news I thought.

I have an uncle who actually worked directly for FEMA so I knew that they did use inspectors so I dug a little deeper on the real FEMA Web page and learned that they contract inspectors through two companies. Being the helpful kind of guy I am I went to their sites and applied. I figured once I learned more about it I could decide how far to go with them.

To this day I have not heard from one of them but was contacted by the other, Vanguard Emergency Management . In my first discussion with them I was told I would be contacted by the real FEMA and I had 12 days to complete all their paperwork and verifications. She was very pleasant but I could tell she was certainly busy, it sounded like they really needed help so I decided to continue the process.

FEMA called me in a day or so and told me one of my steps was to get my fingerprints taken by the local office. It took me a couple of days to get ahold of the office contact who promptly told me that he had been instructed to send his equipment to another office and he could not do my processing.

I emailed what paperwork I had completed and told her I needed another way to accomplish the fingerprinting. She said she would overnight the forms for me to go to the local police department to do it, but this was about the time the second storm hit and for whatever reason I never heard from her again, and thought that was the end of my adventure.