Working with FEMA to offer my house inspection services: Getting on board Pt. 2

So after not hearing from Vanguard or FEMA for a couple of weeks I get a 530am recorded call explaining they have moved everyone's processing to Dallas and to go there ASAP. Twelve hours later I got the same call stating they had changed the process and to not go to Dallas but to wait for further instructions.

Maybe three days later I get yet another recorded call stating they were back up and running, and for me to get to Dallas quickly and be prepared to be deployed immediately after for an initial period of two to three weeks. As you would imagine I am getting skeptical about the whole thing at this point but by this time the news of the devistation in Puerto Rico was revealed and I knew they needed help more than ever so I let everyone know, packed a months with of clothes and the required tools and away I went.

I eventually made it to the right place and as I walked in I saw them changing the instructions to the new inspectors that we were to fill out the forms, go to the FEMA office in Denton to get fingerprints taken and then to go back home and wait for further instructions. I was in Texas less than 24 hours and considering Seattle is not close to Texas I was quite discombobulated by the time I got back.

To work with FEMA I had to complete a background and credit check. I heard someone say the feds could complete my check in about three days which I laughed out loud as I knew even though I have been in the military and had secret clearance, there was no way they could moved that fast. I was prepared that everything would be done in TX, FL and PR before I would be called back again.

Much to my surprise I received a text two weeks later that I had been approved and to get back to Dallas immediately to complete the process and to be deployed. I wasn't going to fall for it again so I just took an overnight bag, finished up another day of locksmith work and then headed out.

Back to the same hotel and then back to Denton and then, as it always goes, they said, great you have your badge leave here and go to Miami.  As I mentioned I didn't bring confidence in them or clothes so I had to go back to Seattle again, finish three days of work and then took the red eye to Miami to finally start helping.

I was initially told it was going to be a three to five day process, seven weeks and five flights later I started my first inspection. The phrase I have already learned, experienced and used myself is; "Always stay FEMA flexible"