Why I decided to help.

When the disasters hit, just llike you I empathized with those affected and wished I could do something to help. My friend LP was ready to just load up and head to Texas just to be there and help in whatever way she could. I knew the last thing they needed was just another person taking up resources and being in the way.

When my cousin sent me the initial link, I saw an opportunity to really be able to help with my current skills and being a Texan I had a real attachment to the area.

Naturally I had real concerns that if I left the area I would lose existing customers and would have to take a pause growing my business. Being a locksmith I was very aware that help is usually needed at very inconvenient times and generally comes with financial and emotional cost.

Winter is a slower time of year for work so I sat down and did the math and determined that if I work seven days week twelve to fourteen hours a day, as I was initially told I would, I could just about break even to what I was making at work.

So being optimistic that I would not loose too much financially, as there were no guarantees, and I took faith that my existing clients would come back, I went for the adventure and to help those I could.

I get paid a whooping $35 per inspection I complete and they reimburse me for all the usual expenses. There was no guaranteed amount of work or a firm deadline when I would start or end. The most difficult part is that I have to support myself on my own credit card until they get me set-up and process my expense reports.

So now I am in Miami helping where I can. Meeting a lot of people, which I enjoy, and being exposed to a community and culture that I would otherwise would not get to experience in Seattle.

Everyone is very pleasant and helpful as there is a bit of a communication challenge but with the magic of Google translator and patience on both sides we get thru all the forms and questions. This work would not be for everyone but so far I have enjoyed it, even with the challenge of getting on board.