Nice and clean Home Inspection in Seattle


As you can see in the picture above the work on this electrical panel is pretty clean and looks very nice.  There are so many different contractors out there but you can always tell the good ones by the work they leave behind that I see in my home inspections.

It is a good sign to see a work site that is clean and well maintained.  Not only for safety reasons but it shows the contractor has pride in his work and will have more of a chance to not have any issues come up in a city or home inspection.

This beauty of a panel was on a house that was used pretty roughly by a family with many kids.  Lots of superficial wear and tear, but in the end the bones and foundation of the house were very good and put together properly.

Manufactures are getting pretty good at their products so even a less skilled technician can install and have superior results.  It is easy to see the quality of manufacturing during a house inspection.  Low quality product and low quality technician leads to a very challenging inspection.  When I am having to look for every H-clip and calling out double taps in the panel, it takes me a lot longer to complete the inspection and raises many questions that are difficult to answer.

It is worth paying for high quality products, labor and house inspections.  All things that will ensure your house lasts for many years and increases in value when it comes time to sell.