House Inspection - Woodinville, WA

Common Window Failure -

As I often mention we live in a harsh environment and our homes take the brunt of it.  Windows are exposed and not as stong as other building materials so there is a lot of movement and that means opportunity to fail.  During a good house inspection, like the ones I give, everywindow will be examend closely. 

As a home inspector I am looking to see if any seals have cracked as in our picture as well as to ensure they all operate properly and that they lock AND open.  Especailly in bedrooms as the windows are usually the second egress out of the house during an emergency.  It is not uncommon at all for a seal or two to be cracked, unfortuatly it usually takes replacing the window.  I have heard a few whispers about being able to repair it vs. replace but have yet to see it in action.

The sliding glass door is included in the home inspection as well. These can get tricky, if they work then terrific, but if they need any sort of repair, especially in older homes, the manufacture is no longer around, being bought up or out of business. This makes it hard to get the right parts.  This is most commonly seen with the locking mechanism.  If this is not functioning one will have to use a retro fit lock installed onto the frame.  Risky as they require drilling for installation, but as long as the locksmith is careful it should be a good solution.

Windows are also common places where leaks can occur in the building structure.  During a good home inspectin, like the ones from the House Inspection Team, all areas around the windows are tested with the moisture sensor to ensure everything is nice and dry as is usually the case.  Moisture is one of the most damaging forces on a house so it is important to recognize any vulnerbilities.

Ensure you have a good home inspector for your house inspection.