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Plumbing challenges -

On a recent home inspection I came across the above situation where two pipes of different material had not been seperated and it has caused corrosion.  Areas with corriosion are more prone to leaking, therefore it is not desirable. When an inspector finds this, it will always be called out in the report.

This is not an immediate or emergency situation, it is one that needs to be monitored.  If it does need  a repair it is generally easy on the scale of improvments goes and licensed contractor should be able to repair easily and resononably.  The added challenge to this house is that this was on the water main in the crawl space.  During our home inspections we do go into all accessable areas of the attic and basement/crawlspace. All good home inspectors should do this, not just poke in their heads.

It would be prudent for the homeowner to install a water dector above the vapor barrier below this juncture.  This will help monitor for leaking and will notify the homeowner if it is detected.  This is a good challenge as a home owner to be aware of and is support for why you should always get your house inspected.  Most homeowners do not go into their attics or crawlspaces (nor do they need to) and it will be a big mess by the time the home owner would find this leak if they were not aware this was there.