House Inspection - Bothell, Wa

Signs of Repairs


During a good home inspection, like the ones from the House Inspection Team, your inspector will be ACTIVELY OBSERVING your house looking for signs and signals of change and out of normal.  Sometimes it stands out, like in our picture above, and sometimes only from our experience can we see the story.

The situation above would certianly be called out in your inspection report, this construction is acceptable by todays standards. This is a good example of how just because something is in the report does not mean its bad. This is why it is important to read the inspection report.  There is a lot of general information that you should be aware of and how to manage and maintain your property. The reports from H.I.T. use the power of the web and provide links to articles and information on how to properly maintain your house and a good schedule to keep everything taken care of properly. 

Another common area where we often see repairs and modifications is in the electrical system.  This discovery very often comes more from our experience vs. what we can actually see.  Once we open up the electrical panel it is easy to see if anything has been added or changed. The difference in work between a proffesional electition and Joe Blow homeowner is so very easy to see.

Ensure your home inspector has good experience in the trades, like the ones from The House Inspection Team, and they will be able to use their own experiences to see these modifications giving you a better inspection all around.