House Inspection in Bothell - downspout at deck

Here in the PNW water management is the top priority to maintain a lasting structure.  The gutters around the roof will pull all water to a downspout that can be diverted away from the house.  When the downspouts dont have have the leaders the water is deposited right at the foundation, the worst place possible. At this home inspection in Bothell, we can see the downspout going down into a void.  It would be much better to have a leader under the deck to take the water away from the house at least four feet. 

During home inspections the inspector tells you the quality of the house and even though we can not see into the ground around the foundation, our training has taught us what happens.  The repair is very easy and low cost from a home depot.  The next step is the proper landscaping. 

The downspouts should direct the water to an area that will also facilitate moving the water away from the house.  During your home inspection we will look how level the lot is and if there are any water management features such as swales, retention ponds or dry beds.  When these features are maintained they are very effective and dont cost anything to operate, just have it built properly the first time.

Home inspectors in the PNW see many affects of the high moisture and rain we have here.  Make sure you have a good roof, gutters and downspouts as well as the proper landscape.  This will help protect you house for many years and seasons.