House Inspection - Bothell

Retaining Walls -

Especially here in our undulating topogrophy we use alot of retaining walls. These will be discussed during the lot and grounds section of most standard home inspection reports.  This is an especially important section for a family with childern as children tend to climb on these structures, more so than the trees even.

The most temporary wall in our area would be one made of wood. During an inspection it would be closely examined for pest as well as rot.  If this type of wall is close to your house, when the bugs are finished eating the wall they will move to your house.  Our environment is very rough even pressure and chemical treated wood members are only around for a short time.  Your home inspector will certianly have something to say about this type of wall.

The next type of wall I commonly see are the ones made of big boulders.  Suprisingly these are the most worrisome for kids to play on or around.  Big boulders get turned into little ones by the forces of weather.  The weight of the kid could cause a part to flake or split off, it wont cause a collapse of the wall but it could cause the kid to fall or stumble.  These walls also tend to have lots of small flakes of rocks that are sharp and should be monitored.

The pictured poured in place concrete wall is nice solution.  As you can see even as this one fails it only cracks vs shreds away.  A little vegetation control and earthwork and this wall can be repaired to last for many more years.  A very economical solution.  Of course the repairs will also be called out in the home inspection, good materials allow for good repairs.  That is why it is worth paying for high quality products.