Home Inspection - Bothell, Wa Attic Storage

Attic Storage Over Insulation


Building products have really come along way.  Today there are many types insulation that can be used in our homes.  Two very common types to use is the blown-in loose fill and batt insulation.  Batt insulation are the commonly seen pink rolls or bundles and they are in the form of a strip and fit inbetween the house joist or lays directly on the top of the joists.

Insulation works by trapping air in its fibers which slows down the heat transfer in or out, depending on the season. The better the material can trap and hold the air the better the rating or 'R-Value'  During a home inspection, your inspector will estimate the R-value of your insualtion and how effective it is being used.

It is common practice to store things in our attics.  During a home inspection you want to be sure to have this stuff out of the way so a proper inspection can be completed.

When this home owner wanted to store items in the attic they put panels over the blown-in insulation.  This will compact the material and reduce its effectiveness.  If you did this above a room, you would notice the room to be cooler than the rest of the house.  This situation was called out on the inspection and it was requested the seller to remove the panels and to install some new fresh insulation over the compacted area.  It was an easy fix and helped the house to stay warm.  Home inspectors are here for small and large problems to be addressed.