Double tapped electrical panel at home inspection in Bothell

Roof, electrical, and vegitation ,the big three in a home inspection where most of the issues reside.  Electrical issues usally come from the old man that used to live in the house, or his friend that 'Really knows electrical..'

This particular picture shows two wires going into one lug nut on the neutral bar.  A few years back, when this house was built, this was accepted practice.  We now know this is not the best way to wire a house for the long term and each wire should terminate on its own into the panel.

This box is nice and clean and even the double tap 'error' is nicely done.  This was completed in a proffesional maner and even though the inspector called out the double tap, this was not so bad as needing to have it replaced.  I have seen other panels during a home inspection in Bothell, that you could not even follow the wires they were so tangled.  This picture shows only two wires being tapped, when the OMT (Old Man Tinkering) really gets going you will have as many wires as they can shove into the opening, quiet commical.

During the home inspection the inspector will completely open up the panel to see what is behind it all.  The first step in the process is to ensure that the outter door or attachement screws have not become charged.  When the panels are installed correctly this is a rare happening, but occasionally the installer will catch a wire with one of his screws, which will then arc at a later point.  When enough of the sheathing is burned off it will allow the electricity to energize the wole box.  At that time, the inspector will note that the box was not insepcted due to an electrified panel and an electricial needs to be brought out so he can turn off the power completely to the house to determine what needs to be resolved.